Data Centers For Corporations

Micro Modular Data Centers Being Used By Large Scale Corporations

data centerThere are few, if any businesses that require more data storage space than major companies operating in the IT sector. Some of these companies require such a large amount of data storage space that they have constructed their own micro modular data centers. Others use multiple pre-manufactured shipping container sized micro modular data centers. However, most companies in the IT sector are able to use them to store most or all of their data in them. This greatly streamlines their data storage.

Google constructed a number of micro modular data centers that the company uses to store data. These micro modular data centers are contained within shipping containers, and they can be transported between Google’s different corporate locations. These data centers enable the data to be streamed via cloud technology, and this gives access to the information to thousands of Google employees.

Google was one of the early creators of micro modular data centers. They constructed their micro modular data centers during 2005, and they currently store a large portion of the data they need on them. In addition, their data centers are used as servers for Google’s search engines. However, Google is one of the relatively few companies that is not yet able to store all of their information on micro modular data centers. Still, it is quite remarkable that they are able to store a significant portion of it on them.

However, Google is not the only search engine that is using micro modular data centers as servers. There are others that use them for this purpose, and it can be expected that there will be more in the future. The technology behind micro modular data centers is becoming more advanced, and this will make it possible for more search engines to implement them.

There are multiple manufacturers of high-capacity micro modular data centers for major corporations, but one well known producer is Sun Microsystems. Sun microsystems is well known in the industry, and the micro modular data centers they produce are small enough that they can be contained within shipping containers.

data centerMicro modular data centers are also utilized by companies operating in other sectors of the economy than the IT/technology sector. One other sector of the economy that requires a large amount of data storage space is the financial sector, and micro modular data centers are being used by many big players in the finance sector. These micro modular data centers store information that requires a high level of security, and there are now many manufacturers of micro modular data centers that are able to meet their demands.

Not only are micro modular data centers being utilized by companies within the United States, but they are being used by major companies located elsewhere. In fact, a company located in Haiti is now using micro modular data centers. These micro modular data centers are being supplied by AST data centers.