Selling Restaurant Supplies

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you are looking to sell your equipment:

First, what’s the equipment?

Secondly, who would this be most useful to?

When looking to market your supply’s I would mainly focus on chefs in lager hotel chains, cafeterias, hospitals etc. I wouldn’t start looking to sell to smaller restaurants unless it was your last option. The reason behind this is because the larger establishments are more likely to be interested in looking to save money on these thing’s, more so then smaller businesses. Also the larger businesses will have more capital, space that they would need for new equipment purchases.

The larger establishments are more likely to have someone that is available for you to meet with about your offer. If you can get the approval of there accountant, then the chef is more likely to make it work. This is because there will be a larger team internally pushing the products you have, this will make your success rate much higher then dealing with 1 very busy chef. That may or may not be successful and is just entertaining his chef dreams but is really doing this more as a hobby.

Smaller businesses are often more concerned with managing the margins when it come’s to a potential lost by investing in a product. Meaning they have more to lose if a product either doesn’t fit what they need, breaks, or cost to much to repair.

Your success will come form being able to build relationships with these businesses, which will lead to more business through word of month.

In most businesses it’s a numbers game, so this means you want to get your product in front of as many perspective buyers as possible. When selling restaurant supplies you need to ask yourself do I really want to market to all restaurant chefs? Your likely answer will no, as not all chefs will have any use for the product you may be selling, so it’s best to save yourself time and energy by pick the chefs more likely to have a need for that particular supply.

If you have ever tried to sell a product people would consider high end, then winning over the home cooks might be a very good way to go when it come’s to winning over the next generation chef. This is only if your looking for a long term plan in this industry.

There are a few things you may not want to do:

When your looking to sell your product its best you never to send say a magazine full of cluttered supply’s. Instead, it is a much better to just ask if there is anything they might need in that area. Make sure you send something that is specific and focused. Make sure not to not beat around the bush and get straight to the point, If a chef is not interested, then don’t ask again. Never assume every chef has the same needs when it come’s to products.

Another good way to sell your products would be to set an online auction, nowadays many online auction companies offer online bidding with free shipping which will save you money. You can easily find some of these companies of sites like craigslist, Auctionzip, and more listings on These companies specialize in restaurant equipment, some offer both online and live auctions.

If you are someone who is looking to pick up a piece of equipment that you can resell at a profit, you can simply perform an email outreach. This would requires you to put together a list of around 100 or so restaurants in your area with there contacts. Send e-mail to these businesses letting them know you are interested in the buying any unused or broken equipment they may have.

Good Luck!